$10k Pot Limit Omaha – I’m out

Well…Level 9 I’m out. Erick Lindgren called with 5 2 6 7, with three hearts in his hand. It was an interesting pot. Lots of limpers, I raised. Thor Hansen found two eights, and went over the top. Erick went all in, for all his chips with 5 2 6 7 with hearts. The flop […]

Dinner break Day Two $10k PLO

End of Level 8 dinner break Day two. Everyone is saying this is one of the toughest Pot Limit Omaha Tournaments ever. Its definitely one of the most difficult tournaments I have ever played in, and it’s a pleasure to play well in it. During level 8, we were playing 400/800, and I got up […]

$10,000 Pot Limit Omaha – Day two level two

End of level 7, and I’m up to 17,100. I was down to about 8,000 in that level we played 300/600 on that last level. Nothing big….flopped a wrap won a decent pot, but didn’t get called by E-Dog there. He is playing great, although he doesn’t have a big stack. I think there is […]

$10K Pot Limit Omaha Day Two Level one

End of level 1 day 2, and I have 13,300. I was up 300 at that level. I was up to 19,900 on that level. Made a couple moves, didn’t work out. Check raised with a flush draw, and the guy with the nuts just called me. I am getting a lot of respect. It’s […]