$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – I’m out

Out in 10th. It just wasn’t a good level for me, couldn’t win a hand. And when antes are so big it’s really difficult to play. At least I made a move at the end. I was drawing dead so that didn’t work out great, but that’s the game. I’ve had a lot of experience […]

$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 8

End of Level 8 and I managed to get rid of Erik Seidel at the end. There’s 13 players left. I managed to build up to 71, 000. I had a solid level. There wasn’t anything big, just winning a few pots here and there. Stealing a couple of pots, not really having many showdowns. […]

$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 7

End of Level 7, and after I got to 50,000 in chips I copped a really bad beat against Erik Seidel. I had a pat 10 All in and he drew two cards. His odds are about , 5 1/2 to 1, 11 to 2 to make it. But he made it. He made an […]

$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 6

End of level 6, and I made my move in that level. Up to about 45k in chips. Blinds were 400/800 with a 200 ante. Then we’re going to play 600/1200 with a 300 ante in Round 7.. Its been pretty good,.I’ve managed to knock Phil Hellmuth out. Greg Raymer is also out now. So […]

$5,000 deuce to seven – End of level 5

End of level 5, and I’m down to 25,000 in chips. Still 6 tables left – 33 players. Played really well, but just couldn’t win many hands in that round. Still have a good stack, still about average, but there is a long way to go.

$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 4

End of level four, and I’m at 38,000. Just using the advantage of the largest chip stack on the table. Just playing a lot of pots, raising, and winning a few hands. I had a decent round. We will play one more level, and then have a dinner break. I hope to play really good […]

$5,000 deuce to seven triple draw – End of level 3

For a pro poker player, these tournaments are just the nuts. You just gotta love it. We are at the end of level three 200/400 with a 100 ante. With Phil Hellmuth, and Greg Raymer at my table, I can confidently say I managed to outplayed them – at least for one hour, and fifteen […]

$5,000 deuce to seven triple draw w/rebuys

Playing deuce to seven triple draw today. We’re at the end of level two. We’re playing 75 minute levels, and for three levels you can have a rebuy. It’s a $5,000 buy in, with rebuys, and a double add on. There are people who are going to spend $50,000 in this event. I’m in for […]