Bellagio $5k – Out.

I’m out. It’s OK. I had the big blind again. The chip leader raised 2,300 – I had 9,000 left. I picked up QJ suited. Great opportunity to make a move – there’s 4,000 in the middle. If I can pick it up without a flop, its great. Also, I could have the best hand […]

Bellagio $5k – end of level 6.

The world champ has arrived at my table. What a feeling to be in this business, playing, and enjoying. Joesph Hachem has just arrived at my table, the current world champ. We’re from the same town, Melbourne, Australia. What a nice guy he is. He came to the table with about 40,000, but lost about […]

Bellagio $5k – end of level 4

Well, that was a very tough 2 hours, and were at the end of level 4. Unfortunately, I’m down to about 7,500…we started with 10,000 today. I was up to 23,000 early in that level, but I misplayed two 10s. I had two 10’s in the middle, and called an under the gun raise. The […]

Bellagio $5k 1st break

This is the 5k update, and I’m up on the first break. With about 210 players remaining. They have a really big field for this, with about 250 people starting. This turns out to be a pretty big event, with first place paying $440,000, and second paying $250,000. I had a really good start, and […]