7 Card Stud – I’m out.

I played all day, until midnight, and I took some pots off Sklansky after the last break that I updated. Just couldn’t get it going all day. I was at a table with David Williams – we had such a good time, he is such a fun guy. One critical hand that I had was […]

7 Card Stud – Update

We’re getting pretty deep into the tournament, and I have a really funny table. Sam Grizzle is at my table, who I love, cause he talks so much shit, just like me. Sam is the chip leader at the table. I also have David Sklansky, who wrote all those books that I perused a long […]

$1,500 – 7 Card Stud – Dinner Break.

I’m pretty happy to get though to this stage. I haven’t been involved in any hands all day, and I’m up to 3,500 in chips, which is just around average. It’s a good position to be in. Its such a boring game to be involved in, I really hate playing it. But, it just shows […]

$1,500 Stud event WSOP

Today is a bit of a boring event to me. Turned up a bit late, and had Dutch Boyd to my right. This is what the WSOP is all about. I had two women on my table. I have nothing against women – there certainly are good great women players out there, but these ladies […]