$5,000 Omaha Hi-lo – I’m out

We hit a wall in the Omaha hi-lo today. Unbelievable, I was the favorite in so many multi-way pots, including the last one. We get down to four tables, and I get on a table with Phil Ivey, Gavin Smith, Sam Farha – it was a fun table. This is what the WSOP is all […]

$5,000 Omaha hi-lo – close to the money

We’re to the next break, and not many things have happened. The highlight of the day so far is I knocked Huck Seed out. He’s been playing well, but he’s tightened up a lot. I don’t know if that is good, or bad but he tried to make a move on me, and it didn’t […]

$5,000 Omaha 8 or Better WSOP

My best start ever. Unbelievable today, playing my favorite game, or at least my favorite game when I am sick of hold em. 263 players put the money up to play today. Amir Vahedi, and Chau Giang are at my table, and it’s a nice table. Amir is playing pretty loose, and we have a […]