Short Day

Today, I played so many hands. I had so many pairs…my stack was up & down, up & down. I had 1,500, and doubled up. At one stage, I was up to 3,400. At the end, I got it all in with pocket sevens against Ace King. The Ace popped out, and it was all […]

WSOP Update

The WSOP is in full swing, and….well – it’s the same story. Come midnight, I can’t seem to hit my cards, and I bust out. I made the money again last night. In that sense I am playing good, but after midnight, I seem to struggle. It may be the two beers, or ½ bottle […]

In the money again

Its my third time in the money this WSOP. There are about 65 left with 740 starters. Pretty grueling, I would say. I have had an amazing record this WSOP. I have managed to play 10 hours or more in every tournament I have played except one. After the dinner break, I have been playing […]

$2500 No Limit Shorthanded

I’m back again from the misery of losing $50,000 in the HORSE event, and the side bet of $2,000 to Gavin Smith. I have won two of the last longers, he has won one. I’m really focused today. I am taking my time. Most people try to play fast in these events, cause they think […]