$1,000 No Limit w/Rebuys Update

We have played 2 levels today. I started the day at 62,000, and I built up to 135,000, so I have doubled up, I am playing great poker right now, and I feel great about it. I made one really terrible call which I hate myself over, but it will be alright. Still Phil Hellmuth […]

My Sixth Cash

I must be one of the leaders with six cashes at the WSOP. I have been very consistent all the way through, but I have been struggling with the last 10% of the field. Today, I beat Matusow for a last longer, I got $2,100 to his $2,000 because he had a few more chips […]

Tony G vs. Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow

This is well after the dinner break, and I have an average stack, with 100 players left. I just got moved to Mike Matusow’s table. On my first hand at the table, I had AK in my Big Blind. The small blind raised, and I moved all in. He called with K J, and we […]

$1,000 No Limit Hold Em Rebuys

I did really well in the first event (there are two of these per series), if finished 22nd, and had a really great chance. Today I started off horrible. I have been the low stack for the first five hours of the tournament, just couldn’t find a hand. I had 12 rebuys, so I am […]