Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation (A. Guogos Paramos) – Support Ukraine

Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation A. Guogos Paramos Support Ukraine
Photo: Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation (A. Guogos Paramos) Transporting Children from Ukraine

Antanas Guoga’s charitable foundation fund (A.Guogos paramos)  in co-operation with volunteers of the famous Lithuanian Gediminas Legion charity have been intensively planning, organizing and carrying out rescue operations for the children of Ukrainian orphanages since there start of the war. We already have safely transported more than 300 children to Lithuania, who we are integrating into our country. In this situation, money is very important but not enough: it takes human resources, a lot of trust in each other and courage. Unfortunately, it is just the beginning … good luck to all of us who continue on this mission – we hope to bring as many children as we can to the safe land of Lithuania. #StandWithUkraine

You may donate via bank transfer as below:
Beneficiary: A.Guogos paramos fondas
Address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Igno Šimulionio str. 5, LT-04330
IBAN: LT387290000001700428
Bank: Citadele
Bank address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Upės str. 21-1, LT-08128
Purpose of payment: SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE

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