Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation

The Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation is a foundation fund devoted to helping those in need. As such, it is an established and reliable partner to organizations and volunteers all around the world looking to provide help in the world torn by insecurity, war, and conflict. 

The Foundation seeks to offer a helping hand to many, now leading the path of aiding Ukrainian people to flee their war-torn homeland. It uses every euro to give safety, stability, and peace to everyone whose life has now been put into severe danger due to a brutal war.

An operation that the Foundation is now leading the way in is saving children from Ukrainian orphanages in cooperation with other reputable organizations and volunteers. As the founder stated, the Foundation remains fully focused on providing support to those suffering the horrors of war. Its operations have already yielded success, with hundreds of lives saved.


Rescue operations of children from Ukrainian orphanages

In cooperation with the organization called the Lithuanian Gediminas Legion Charity, the Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation is focused on planning and organizing rescue missions for children from Ukrainian orphanages whose lives have been put in danger.

This important goal was set into motion ever since the war in Ukraine started. With the war showing no signs of stopping, the rescue operations are still ongoing and set to continue, to save as many children as possible from the atrocities of war, pain, and suffering.


Bringing Ukrainian children to safety in Lithuania

Several hundreds of children have already been transported and brought to safety from Ukraine to Lithuania. The process of rescue does not stop upon arrival, but branches out to the good integration of children into Lithuania, its culture, education, and life.

The Antanas Guoga Foundation provides the much-needed safety for these kids, making sure that the lives of children from Ukrainian orphanages are not entirely brutally stopped by war and that they have a chance at a bright future that begins with safety and peace.

In doing so, it has joined several organizations that have been tirelessly working on the goal of helping people flee. This goal, that is growing every single day, is especially important considering that not everyone has the means available to leave the country at any point.

This is where the Antanas Guoga Charitable Foundation comes in to provide logistics and means to reach the goal of saving lives, aspiring to make a difference in the lives of children that have already suffered too much.


Support for Ukraine 

In addition to working closely on bringing orphan children out of war, the Foundation has been vocal in advocating aid for Ukraine and its people. The Foundation and its founder work closely on bringing attention to ways that Ukraine and its people can be helped. 

The Foundation has shown unwavering support for the country and its people, keeping the attention on Ukraine in a world burdened by more problems each day. A true believer in compassion, the founder is putting in the resources through the Foundation to provide safety for the people fleeing the country and help them settle in a new life in Lithuania.

The Foundation has been operating in bringing attention to various needs stemming from the war, calling for all those partners, organizations, and individuals who are available to provide a helping hand in the difficult moments for the Ukrainian people. 


Donate and help save Ukrainian children

If you want to join the important cause of saving Ukrainian children from orphanages, you can do so by helping the Foundation organize and execute plans for fleeing and asylum. Every euro that is donated is guaranteed to be used for the benefit of the people. 

Any amount donated to the cause, no matter how big or small the donation may be, is more important than we realize. It helps save lives and provide a glimmer of hope for all of those whose lives and peace were brutally and unjustly attacked. 

If donating is unfortunately out of your reach at the moment, you can follow the work of the Foundation and Founder Antanas Guoga for more information in the upcoming period. For information about donations, please find the information below. Fiat money and cryptocurrency are both available options:

Beneficiary: A.Guogos paramos fondas

Address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Igno Šimulionio str. 5, LT-04330

IBAN: LT387290000001700428

Bank: Citadele


Bank address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Upės str. 21-1, LT-08128

Purpose of payment: SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE



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