Laura Cornelius Surrounded by Frenemies – Big Game Live

Laura has Alec Torelli, Mike Matusow, The G, and Roland de Wolfe on deck for Tony’s video blog at the PokerNews Interactive live stream of the Party Poker Big Game V. Laura is holding a Phil Ivey doll and says, “Phil Ivey’s in the house!” before she asks Tony if he’s coming back to the […]

Party Poker Big Game V – There’s a Bike Here Somewhere

Tony comes riding into the dimly lit Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham UK, for the Party Poker Big Game V that is being live streamed on PokerNews Interactive. He’s got a basket on his bike – for the poker dolls to ride in. Tony takes a ride around the table and sizes up the […]

TJ Brings Tony G to the Crown

Who’s leading who? Lynn Gilmarten, Tony, and TJ highlight the day with TJ barking to Tony’s signal. TJ rolls over for the camera and Tony says TJ is coming in today to see if he can smell any weakness – and a few weak players will be intimidated. Tony says TJ has been practicing poker […]

Full Tilt Poker $25k Shootout Invitational

Lynn Gilmarten greets Tony at the Aussie Millions 2011 and asks how he feels about the $25K Invitational. Tony says he feels great and he’s very happy to be invited, it’s a great field. He says the tables are all stacked and he’s going to have a bit of fun and then go to the […]

Back to Poker

I’ve been away and enjoyed every minute of it but I’m ready to come back to the world of high stakes heat, TV poker, and all the action anyone can throw at me. I will be playing the Poker Lounge in Wales on the 22nd. From there it will be the Poker Millions Event Heat […]

Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better Championship

Tony spends a few minutes with Gloria Balding as she says this tournament is one of the easiest tournaments ever and Tony agrees by saying that he’s the best player there *note the laughter in the background* as Tony continues. He just put his shares up on ChipMeUp and they are sold out already. He’s […]

Winning a gold bracelet

Lynn Gilmartin talks to Tony about the 5K, Tony says Tom Dwan paid him off and Tom’s money is heavy and he just wants to get rid of it. Tony talks about getting healthy and fit and how Kirill, his best friend, has motivated him to do it. Tony says he just got his first […]

Omaha Hi/Low 8 or Better

Gloria Balding catches Tony just as he’s heading out to dinner. He’s playing in the Omaha Hi/Lo Limit tournament. Tony says he needs a good run. He’s in to small tournaments now and things haven’t been going well but he’s not giving up. He plays for fun but he plays to win and every tournament […]

WSOP Day 1 – Waiting to Play

Lynn Gilmartin chats with Tony on the first day of the WSOP.  Tony’s pumped up and on the list, ready to jump into the 50k sharkfest.  There’s a new rule –  if you show up late, you have to wait for the start of the next round.  That’s what has happened to Tony, he has […]

Tony G Celebrity Bounty Event

Lynn Gilmartin talks with Tony. Tony says he’s feeling good. He caught the last bus to the crown and he’s happy to be there and it’s exciting. He says having an event named after him is OK, he’s just been lucky in much bigger tournaments and that a tournament could be named after anyone but […]