Playing the 2-7 low ball draw

I got to the tournament area late, after the dinner break. I had business to take care of and this was going to probably be my last event at the WSOP this year. I haven’t decided if I will be back for the Main Event or not. I had a last longer bet with Tom […]

World Team Poker Opinion

I’ll be staying in Las Vegas now until the WSOP starts and focusing on the 50K event.  After that I’ll decide if I’m staying longer in Vegas or taking a trip to parts unknown for awhile.  Even if I leave during the Series, I have plans to play some of the events. I just played […]

Heading into the WPT Marrakech

My  heat with Alec in the PKR Heads-up did not work out at all and I got crushed.  I did make the money and felt I played really well so I’m happy about that and how it all went. I got on a plane to Marrakech (Morocco) and I have been enjoying the great weather […]

A break in the action

Right now I am taking long walks around Big Sur California. I was also in the Yosemite Mountains for a few days. I will go down to Santa Barbara soon and enjoy being out of the heat and action although I will be back in Las Vegas around the 19th so I will be ready […]

Deuce to 7 without the Re-buy

Tony visits with Melissa Castello out in the fresh Vegas air on an unofficial break from the Deuce to 7 Draw and the Add-on period is over. Tony says it’s a bit boring and slow and he started two hours late. He’s got about 12K and he’s cruising, he’ll be going on dinner break in […]

$7500 Midnight Prop Bet

Tony got a late night phone call from David Saab. Tony’s outside in the cold, in the middle of the night, with a professional basketball player (who stresses that he’s a FORMER Basketball Player) named Nick. Tony thinks he’s going to win, he’s running forward, his opponent is running backwards, for 200 meters with a […]

Tony takes a break

Tony G. and Gloria Balding are standing outside freezing as they start Tony’s video blog. Tony says he’s sleeping about four hours a day – poker playing, hosting the event, skiing, working, and he’s staying very busy. Tony chopped the PLO with Markus and he’s very happy about that. He says if he can do […]

Skiing competitions and poker

Gloria Balding sits in with Tony G for a video blog update of the PokerNews Cup Alpine. Tony is throwing a party at the poker table – does that mean he’s giving away chips? Probably not. He says he’s had a rough day. He went ‘extreme skiing’ and competed with a professional. The professional skied […]

PokerNews Cup Alpine Video Blog

Gloria Balding and Tony G. at the first PokerNews Cup Alpine video blog. Tony says it’s fantastic, unbelievable, just sitting there with the mountains in the background and all of the snow and the poker room behind them and, “The whacko here, Mr. Voss, the most hated poker player in the world today.” They talk […]

Waiting for TonyG.Poker

While waiting for the updated version of my own site to be launched, I have been spending some time at FullTilt Poker playing the largest games. FullTilt, along with PokerStars, are now dominating the market for sites who allow USA players. My own site is the best if you are outside the USA and I […]