Australian Rules Football – and ME!

Back in Melbourne, the city I love, and it feels great. I’m getting ready for the Grand Final replay of Australian Rules Football. It’s an amazing game and the only one in the world that is replayed if there is a draw. That’s just what happened last Saturday. The game ended with St. Kilda and Collingwood each scoring 68 points. Lucky for me – I had a really big bet on St. Kilda which was +16.5pts.

This week I bet St. Kilda again for a big go. Here in Australia we have the only game in the world where the Grand Final has been replayed three times in the past century. The odds of a draw are about 100/1 but it does happen and I was cheering for it. I love the game so much I wanted to see one more live game this year. It is my favorite game in the world – after basketball.

I am going to run up to Sydney to try and pick up a beer business, it may only be a small part of the business but it should be fun. At the end of the month I will join Lee Nelson in New Zealand and be on a massive health drive for over a month. I enjoy learning and working on improving my health and I’m looking forward to this retreat.

I played some online poker yesterday at Party Poker at $250-$500 stakes. The session has been recorded and you will be able to watch the whole session soon here. Join me at Party Poker, it’s easy to mow me down and clean me out – I will fight back though so don’t look for an easy bankroll booster when you face me at the table. That’s why bikes were made!

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