Back from New Years parties

I was deep on Lithuanian forest on the border with Bellarussia. Had a lot of fun in a little resort town called Druskininkai.

Got back to day and was down 5k in my first 5 games. I recovered again played a total of 26 games today and ended up winning over $10,000 Playing mainly single table tournies now since they go faster and I can turnover more money making a little less on turnover on these ones then the 2 table but they go 3 times quicker so its worth it making around 25% on turnover on the single tables and around 45% on turnover on 2 tables so far I am not sure that this will be my win rate for long we will see once I play about 500 games played around 250 so far.

Hope all will have a great 2005 playing poker online and live.

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