Paris Show Tony G

I have no idea how this show will come out. Will the WPT want me as their new bad boy?

Just so that everyone knows I wanted to win this event really bad and did all I could to win that is within the rules. I came up just short but I loved every minute of playing this final table. I may be rude to you if you are at the table with me in a WPT final but remember, its never personal. Off the table I respect everyone, but when you play with me at a WPT final then its a fight.

The chip leader was my target, and I feel that I got him to play very bad. I hope I was not too nasty; please judge me and let me know what you think about me via this blog as many comments as possible are welcome. All views are welcome. As long as the show was fun for everyone at home then I am ok with any comments and I will leave them all up, just please dont swear. I never ever abuse the dealer or swear when playing. If the majority on here feel that I am bad for poker because of the way I behaved in Paris, then I will change my conduct, and look for help.

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