Reflecting on Monte Carlo Millions & Life

What a tournament this was for me I am very happy with how I played and with my result. The very big highlight was that I knocked out Mike The Mouth and I gave him more MOUTH then ever, plus I gave him a dance when I knocked him out (hope this comes out ok on tv as I am not muchof a dancer, although I did want to be a ballerina but my legs were too harry)Had some really massive pressure pots in this event with people like Phil Helmuth in the room talking about the best lay down he ever made also seeing Howard Leaderer around made me very thursty for his blood, can not wait to get Howard on my table again hey maybe the next time I fix him up he will shake my hand. My adrenalin was pumping I was after any one that looked like they wanted to win this thing. The bad boy Tony G was back in Monaco after being pretty nice for most of the year I kind of lost control here (its good to lose control when you are having fun and not taking anything like drugs or alchohol to induce it). A very big congartulations to Phil Ivery who won it and took down the $1 million, he is a living legend already 10 time better poker player the the Brat. DoI regret it heck no no way at all, many forums are going mad how bad Iam but I loved every minute in Monaco. I never abuse dealers or swearat the player. Also to get a rub down after i knock you out you mustbe a very good player that I will come up with in the future. I do notdo anything to insult people for no reason, there are wa**** postingon forums about me that have not ever seen me live. I guess these guyscan only sit at home and look for people to criticize. This is a veryhard business to be in and I don’t want to be in there grinding awayevery day, most of the players I come up against are disadvantagedindividuals they are mainly addicted gamblers with very low morals. Isee that others have said that I have to behave on TV since I need tobe an example for young people, I guess that all films need to be anexample as well. Poker on TV is a show to me I love it I love to win Idon’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Outside poker I am very different, I would like to think that I have agood hart compassion and high morals. Life is interesting to me as Ihave very many interests and anything I do I enjoy its not about themoney. I have been very lucky to be bale to do that and its thanks topoker. Not everyone can say that as only very few can do very well outof poker. At the end of the day its control and passion for the game& most important knowing how to manage your money that will enable youto be somebody via poker.

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