Hey Tony,

I’ve got a strategy question for you. I was sitting next to you, or someone that claimed to be you in a Step 5 last night. It was 7 handed at the 50/100 blinds. It was a fairly tight tournament and I had played tight the whole time myself. Well, it folded around to me in the SB, and I shoved all-in for 770, you had 1140 at the time, and everyone had about the same chips, other than one guy at 2500.

You called with A3s. I’m just curious what the thinking is there. Clearly, it’s not a pot odds decision, because it’s hard to imagine you put me on a hand that would give you odds to call with that hand.

Was this just a gamble, or did you have some sort of read on me, or is this a standard play you recommend making?


It was me that you were next to. My nickname at party poker is strong32.
In this case, I think I gave you a loose call. I think you had a hand slightly better then mine. I really do defend my blinds. When a small blind raises, and I am on the big blind I am very like to call with any suited Ace in that spot that you mention above.

Also, I would not call on those chip counts if the raise came from an earlier position raiser.

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