Sunshine, Cash Outs, Wynn Hospitality

It’s been a great day in Las Vegas, the sun is out, the weather is comfortable and perfect for a bike ride – now if I could just find someone to send down the road it would be even better! My mood and attitude about the gloom surrounding Black Friday is starting to climb out of the hole it was buried in for the last two weeks. We can get around all of this. Online poker isn’t going away. Maybe this whole attack by the DOJ will finally make people realize they have to fight back if they want freedom in their own home.

The cash out status for Full Tilt Poker is improving and it seems things are getting much better. I feel really confident about players in the USA getting their money back soon. I’ve heard some really good chatter today and I know the whole team is working hard to get the player’s money into the USA. The players in Australia have been able to cash out with no problem and so have many other countries so there is no doubt that today there is real stability. I feel good about all of it, just from hearing the news.

PokerStars has paid most U.S. players by now and they are running poker around the clock as usual. That’s a very good sign for online poker.

On the player’s money being safe and coming back to them, I believe Absolute Poker is dead. PokerStars is 100% safe. Full Tilt Poker is 90% safe. That’s my opinion only and you shouldn’t take book on it. I hope that all online poker sites honor the player’s trust and investments of time and money by returning all funds as soon as possible.

I’ve heard some rumors running around the world of poker chatter and there is some huge news coming about Full Tilt but right now it is chatter and I can’t talk about it. I really like to know things I can’t talk about; it’s a game of its own, and I love games.

Office in the Villa

But on the lighter side, I am at the Wynn enjoying Steve Wynn’s hospitality and staying one step ahead of his German shepherds this time. I played a freeroll Baccarat tourney yesterday and was first out. I’m playing again tonight in the second chance, there’s $1M up for grabs and Johnny Chan is fighting to win too. After the tourney I’m off to the gym with my personal trainer Paul.

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