Tony G update

A personal update for Tony G….The latest news is that I have been named the World Team Captain to captain the Rest of the World versus America. The tournament is going to happen on the 15th, in Las Vegas, and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. It’s a pretty secret tournament. Its very exciting to be part of this…I don’t know how I got the captain’s chair. I don’t know how I got it, and I don’t know that I deserve it, but I’ll take it. I’ll definitely be the most entertaining guy there. It will be fun to take Phil Ivey, and Howard Lederer on again.

On another note, I just signed a contract with the North American Poker Association. I am looking forward to that. That looks like something huge for poker….this is what we need more of – players getting free entries to $10,000 tournaments, and get their flights and travel paid for. That’s the deal I have, which is fantastic.

I hope things keep going well. It was a great year. I have one more event to play in this year, and then enjoying my time at Christmas, and then we’re back. 2006 will be huge.

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