$40K Update

Tony welcomes you to the World Series of Poker with Tony G Poker. He is in the last 18 of the $40K high limit, no limit game. He says he’s been getting a little bit wild and nasty with some of the players but it’s part of the game. It’s a very competitive environment and he’s having a lot of fun. He says he’s been very fortunate to win his all-ins. He says it’s amazing how anyone with his ability – adds “limited ability” – that can come up with $40K can make the money. He’s just a short step away from making the final table – the TV table – and he really wants to make it.

Tony says to make sure you go to ChipMeUp and look around, there will be shares available on him and others, including Billy the Croc, during the whole series and the auctions are ongoing and it’s a great opportunity.

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