09 Aussie Millions – The Beginning

I’m at the Crown Casino Melbourne going to play event number 1, day 1B. Everything’s great at the Crown and I hope to do lots of video blogs while I’m here and talk about everything I know you are interested in.

At 2 am Sunday Las Vegas time I was playing Macon-Marc on poolstars.com for $5,000 buy-in, the best of 5 games. It’s fun and practice does make perfect. If you haven’t tried it, go take a look and play a few games. Give me a comment here and let me know what you think of it.

Back to poker and the Aussie Millions, I am selling 20% of myself via ChipMeUp and the first event is all sold out. Now I’m putting up shares for other events. I am really going to focus and work very hard during this Aussie Millions. I know results speak for themselves at the end of the day but I will really chip in and work hard to win and I hope that I can win and everyone that backs me can win too.

Crocky has an entertaining view of luck and the New Year. Who was the first person to walk through your door in 2009?

Good luck to everyone at the Aussie Millions.

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