$1,000 No Limit Hold Em Rebuys

I did really well in the first event (there are two of these per series), if finished 22nd, and had a really great chance. Today I started off horrible. I have been the low stack for the first five hours of the tournament, just couldn’t find a hand. I had 12 rebuys, so I am in for $13,000 in this tournament, which is really expensive.

I still had no chips after the rebuys, and I got moved to another table with Allen Cunningham. I would say he is a friend. We have known each other for a long time. He is a really great player, having won back to back titles last year, and this year, and I really respect his game. He doesn’t really get involved with me in pots, which is good for me.

So, I kept surviving. I made a big move, I started the post rebuy period with 4,000, which is the minimum you can have with a rebuy, and two add ons. I made a big move, and bluffed off all my chips, and got down to 450 chips. One piece of advice when you are crippled is not to go all in right away after you get crippled. Its not good to go in under the gun with J 10. Its better to be in the big blind, and have 9 5, cause no one may steal because your stack is so low. I think that’s an important distinction.

Ended up on the button, raised with A 9, and got re-raised by KQ, and that hand held up to get me to over 1,000. From then on, I kept building my stack, plugging away, I kept getting good cards, I got Aces twice, and Kings once when I got moved to another table. I had about 6,000 then. I made a big move with an Ace high flush draw, but Willie Tann laid the hand down.

I am trying to stay off the grog, I’ve been drinking every dinner break, and I have had nightmares develop after the dinner break. At this point, I have 21,000, and am going strong.

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