$1,000 No Limit w/Rebuys Update

We have played 2 levels today. I started the day at 62,000, and I built up to 135,000, so I have doubled up, I am playing great poker right now, and I feel great about it. I made one really terrible call which I hate myself over, but it will be alright.

Still Phil Hellmuth is not on my table, but we will redraw for seats at 27 players. I want to bust him if I can get a stack. Oddly enough, the guy from the CBS show, Ralph Perry is on my table, but we made up. I apologized to him, and we made up. I want to bust him quietly, but he is a nice guy and a great player. He has 250,000, and is the chip leader in the tournament right now.

The main thing now is to be really smart, and I have a really big stack. The average is about 65,000, and I have double that. We are playing 1,500/3,000 with a 400 ante, so I am still plenty deep. We have a whole day left, and everyone who is left in the tournament is a good player. There are no weak spots left, and its going to be a tough fight to get to the final. I am going to try hard, and I really want this final table. I’ll update again later today.

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