10,000 HORSE event

Amanda Leatherman with Tony G.

Tony just lost a huge pot to Andy Bloch, it was capped all the way. Tony started with A-2-4-6. He said it’s unfortunate the cards have been going pretty badly for him and he lost a pot so he’s in trouble. He’s low stacked now in the 10K Horse. He needs to double up about 10 times but he’s fighting back. He’s only got about $3,600 left. They’ve been playing about four hours.

The cash games have been going well, Tony had a big win yesterday, winning about $250K.

He says everything is going OK, even though he had a pretty rough start.

Tony likes the 10K HORSE event, mentioning Annie Duke, how nice it is to talk to her, and Andy Bloch. He said it’s unfortunate that a lot of the big names didn’t play in this event. He feels that, overall, it’s fun, everyone’s in a good mood and enjoying themselves.

Tony introduces Billy ‘the croc’.

Tony and Amanda talk about Tony’s ‘not drinking’ mode, they were at dinner the night before and Tony left early. Amanda chides Tony about seeing the ‘bad boy’ image and instead Tony’s behaving. Tony says that he was pretty tired and they were going to play a cash game – he did play to about 3 a.m. – he feels he was pretty smart to get away from the drinking with everyone and instead went on to a nice win out of the cash game.

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