$10k Omaha Pot Limit – 10:51 update

End of level 4, we have played for 6 hours. I’ve got the same chips as level three, 8,000 just about. Last hand of that level I had 9 10 6 Q, with 9 10 of hearts. The board read 8 J Q of hearts. On the river I checked, there was a bet, Mike raised and I went all in…and Mike Sexton laid down the nut flush. No pair on the board. It was an absolutely amazing laydown, the only hand that could beat him was the straight flush. He layed down for 3,000 more with 12,000 in the pot. I played the hand badly, I should have bet the river, then he would have raised, and I would have made more money. I guess that’s the way it goes.

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