$1,500 – 7 Card Stud – Dinner Break.

I’m pretty happy to get though to this stage. I haven’t been involved in any hands all day, and I’m up to 3,500 in chips, which is just around average. It’s a good position to be in.

Its such a boring game to be involved in, I really hate playing it. But, it just shows you, the WSOP is really tough. Its very draining – it takes its toll. I’m plugging away, and trying my best to stay focused. Its not easy. I’ve been here a long time, and I will still be here a long time. I’m just hoping to keep my cool, and play well. Obviously, I never go on tilt anymore.

I just haven’t been involved in any pots. I’m looking for good opportunities, and trying to play safe. Hopefully, I can creep up to over 10,000, and I will feel good about that. At least all the $5 chips are coming off the table now. It will be a much bigger game now. We’re going to play 150/300 with $25 antes. I like the higher stakes, its been a pretty small game for the first 6 hours so far. We just had a 90 minute dinner break. You gotta be happy when you make it to the dinner break, at least you get some play in. I will update later.

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