$1,500 Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys – I’m Out

They got me busted in the Omaha. I played really great today. Its so hard. I got down to 30,000 today, and then got Aces twice, and doubled up pretty easily against a very aggressive player who doesn’t play much Omaha. Then I picked up pocket Kings and I just called on the button, and the flop comes K 10 6. It was checked to me, and I bet the pot, he raised, and obviously with top set, I have to go all in. he has J J A Q, also – I had a nine and a jack in my hand, so I have a lot of his outs covered. Obviously, he hit the river, and I got busted. I would have had 220,000 if I win that pot. I had already above the average for the final table.

There was nothing I could do in that hand. If I raise, he still calls – he had a nice hand – nothing I can do. Its devastating. 12th place. I would have been the massive chip leader in the tournament. This is so tough for me. When you are in a tournament so deep, and you get busted, its so hard.

I gotta move on, and play the 7 card stud. I have made the money five times, and had some really great chances, but it isn’t meant to be for me right now. It will come around some day.

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