$1,500 Stud event WSOP

Today is a bit of a boring event to me. Turned up a bit late, and had Dutch Boyd to my right. This is what the WSOP is all about. I had two women on my table. I have nothing against women – there certainly are good great women players out there, but these ladies were terrible – but it was fun to play with them. Its not hard to get chips, so I’ve been not really having any hands, just plugging away. I’m up to over 3,000, and we started with 1,500, but you need a massive stack in events like this. It’s a big field, and there is a long was to go.

The WSOP is rolling along, and I am enjoying it. The main thing for me now is that I’m enjoying it. These tournaments are just for fun for me. I don’t care what happens. So, I guess I lose some of that edge where I’m really angry and desperate to win.

I’m enjoying it, and I really want to win, but now I am in a bit of a different frame of mind. I really want a bracelet. I haven’t played many WSOP events in my life, so it’s a bit different. I wish I would have started playing the WSOP 10 years ago, I’m sure I would have had many bracelets by now. But, I didn’t, so now I have to get one of those bracelets against these huge fields. With these big fields, you need a bit of luck.

I’m hoping to make the next day of this 7 card stud event, I would feel really great about that. So far, I have made the money once in this WSOP. I missed four events due to the Mansion show.

I’ll update, and tell you how I’m going. I guess after four hours we’ll know where I stand with this event. I used to play a 100/200 Euro stud game in Vienna, Austria. I didn’t win much in that game, even though it was a juicy game. I’m not a good stud player, but I need the practice for the HORSE event. I’m not sure I have the skills for stud, not like some guys do. But, it would be fun to make the final table.

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