2008 WSOP 5K shoot out

Tony talks to Michelle Tiffany of PokerNews.com, telling her that it’s his first video blog of the trip and he can’t be bothered writing anymore *laugh*

tony says he flew in a few days ago and he’s just getting used to the flow and it’s exciting, nice to be in Vegas, seeing all the big stars – like Phil Hellmuth…Tony says he just did Phil’s move – pushed all in when he had Aces. it was good! *laughing with a little humor on Phil Hellmuth*. Tony won the hand with Aces and he was up to 30K.

Tony played the $10K mixed – he said it was a great event and the structure was a little bit better this year…a bit quicker early on.

Tony wants to win the sit n go today and move on to tomorrow. Tony enjoys the gambling and risk taking that comes in to play as the table loses players and it becomes heads-up play. Tony feels that not being afraid of bets is his advantage, he’s happy to push in and be very aggressive. His strategy move is forcing people to lay down and give him an edge. He laughs as he says it’s Tony G. Power, just pushing, pushing, pushing and putting a lot of pressure on…people that need the money are a bit tighter and waiting for better opportunities. He’s prepared to push in with a bad hand and also call with a weak hand.

Tony plans to play a lot of events, if he busts out of the sit n go, he plans on running to the $1,500 limit tonight. He says he’s missed poker and he hasn’t played any tournaments for a long time since the Premiere League. He has been playing in Russia and the action has been a bit quiet in Russia the last few weeks so he’s been sort of bored. He hasn’t had enough poker.

Tony hasn’t played much online but he has played at T6 Poker when he does play. He says it’s been good on T6 and he’s won a lot of money.

Tony hopes to be so busy playing poker that he has to be drug out of the building eventually, including as a winner of his table in the shoot out.

Check back!

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