$2500 No Limit Shorthanded

I’m back again from the misery of losing $50,000 in the HORSE event, and the side bet of $2,000 to Gavin Smith. I have won two of the last longers, he has won one.

I’m really focused today. I am taking my time. Most people try to play fast in these events, cause they think its 6 handed, they think they have to play a lot. I have been doing the opposite. Early on, I ran my two tens against the two Kings of a guy I went to school in Austrailia with, which was kinda funny. The 10 popped out on the river, and I busted him, although I did have more chips – so that was a good break. I had about 6,000 at that point, went down to 4,000, just plugging away.

Then I made a move, and this is a move for everyone I guess. If you have a loose player who is raising a lot, and there is a call behind them, you can go all in. I made that move with Q 8, and I didn’t get called. I basically doubled up on that hand, with the blinds, and antes that I picked up. The very next hand, I picked up A Q, and a guy raised, and I moved all in. This time I got called, and the guy had two sevens, but the Queen popped out right away, and I doubled up to almost 10,000.

I have been playing really tight, and aggressive today, not getting involved in too many pots. Right before the dinner break, I picked up J 6 of diamonds in a hand where someone accidentally thought they had the big blind, so there were two big blinds in there, which was a bit of an argument, but the blinds stayed in. The flop comes A 10 9, with 3 diamonds. My J 6 of diamonds looked pretty good. I bet out, and got raised by the big blind. I moved all in, and he called me with A 7. I don’t know how he called me with A 7, but he is a French guy from the Aviation Club, and maybe he was remembering that tournament. Anyway, the diamond popped out on the turn, and I was up to about 25,000, and flying.

This is 9 dinner breaks in a row for me. I hope I can take it to dinner break tomorrow.

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