2nd December 2004 limit holdem $1500 buy inn 210 starters

This is my 3rd tourney I enjoy limit holdem having made two major final tables this year in USA.

I start outhtis one real slow and from my stating stack of 3000 go down to 1500. During the second level i start picking up decent hands and taking down a pot here and there I count my chips see that I have 4500 after 2 levels.Level 3 we are playing 150-300 I seem to be cruising not getting involved in any pots with the worst hand and taking down more pots, I check my chips and at the end of level 3 see that I have 11,000 with 90 players left well above average.

Level 5 300-600 I pick up AK suited on the button A raise and a re-raise before by two very loose players so I raise again both call flop Q79 I have to fold they both have AQ lost 1200 in that pot not a disaster.

Level 6 500-1000 I have around 9,000 pick up 1010 in late position I raise get re-raised by a player that just raised all inn on a flush draw so I just call flop is nice 224 I know 10s are good so I bet he raises oh no has he got QQ I think not I give him 88s or AK so I call turn A I check feeling sick I think a long time and call and call river as another A hits. Wish I folded on the turn, down to 4000 now I get AK again on the button a raise before me so I re-raise same guy as hand before raises again first raiser folds I call with my AK flop QK7 I ma real pleased he bets I raise all inn he shows AQ ok 2 outs for him so the turn comes a Q giving him 3 QQs sick, out again.
2 ladies on my table again both Asian one had a tit job done they were hanging on the table she also managed to have a pretend orgasm on the table, amazing poker has never been this exciting in Las Vegas.

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