30th place in PLO Hi/Lo

Bubbles are nothing, they don’t take any time…


Some bad news, the Omaha high low pot limit didn’t work out for me. I dropped out about 30th place. Very unfortunate to get in that situation; I got up to about 30,000 in chips which is pretty healthy, I just needed a couple more pots to get to a really strong position. With three tables remaining I felt really good and I really wanted to make the final table. It’s my game – there were still a few fish left from the other day, it’s a fish market and unfortunately I took a pretty bad beat, I took several of them during the day yesterday. I’m very happy about the way I played and just very focused. So I really had no problems.

To day is the Omaha high low limit. It’s a limit game. The structures are terrible, so for the first two hours, I’ve played about 10 hands and been wandering around the Rio, trying to find myself – but it was fun.

Now I’ve got to go through the process of cashing out so I got 5000 for my top 30 finish in high low Omaha pot limit so we go through the process again. The whole process takes a couple of hours to get your money out. So I don’t look forward to cashing out so I’ll try to go for the bubbles more. Bubbles are nothing – nothing has been the case more. It’s fun though, it’s fun and there are some very good events coming up so I’m looking forward to them. But the high low, I enjoy the game so if I get some chips today, I’ll go right up and I’ll be very deep.

There are 520 players today so it’s down from 680 last year. It’s a significant drop and you can just see it now, the World Series is losing a bit of zip. It’s because of the bad structures, I mean players are pros testing about it, and I’m playing since I’ve been here, but I would never come to play such an event…

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