3rd day

Things did not go my way I lost with AK vs AQ and was out. Was playing a lot with Phil Helmut and Howard Lederer all day just could not get it together went out with the best hand I had all day nothing on the flop untill the Q hit the turn and I was in trouble.
I did not play great today although I would probably play the same again, when ther was 51 players left one from the money I had 340,000 in chips well above average and I decided that this was my time to try to make a move and play lots of hands and get bluffs going, So I pick up 9-4 off suit on the button with an Indian guy limping under the gun I deceide to call 3,000 big blind flop comes K10 8 not much help si it gets check to me and I bet 10,000 both call ok they are weak I will get tehm out on the turn the turn brings an A great card to bluff on again tehy check to me now I bet 50,000 one folds and the limper goes all inn for another 10,000 in a 150,000 pot I can not call it since I have no pair no draw looks bad but that is the way I play I am always likely not to have a hand He shows me AQ oh well should have bet more on the flop and it was mine.

I had a grat touranamnet and picked up $21,700 I ma sure I can do better next time, I love this game!!

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