$40K No Limit Hold’em

Tony talks with Gloria Balding. Tony says his day has been pretty good so far, he doubled up within the first 10 minutes and said he’s just been cruising since then and hasn’t got a ‘bruising’ as of yet.

Gloria tells Tony his table dynamic is different, Tony’s staying at the table and not getting up walking around. Tony says Howard Lederer is at the table and he’s telling a lot of stories about basketball averages. Tony managed to get a side bet in basketball about making 10 free throws in a row. He’s got a bet with Jeff Lisandro, 7 to 2. Tony’s got one hour to shoot and then he’s got to make 10 shots in a row within the next hour. It’s 20K to 70K and Tony says he’s going to win that bet. Tony’s got a video blog up about basketball in Australia, he says he’s been improving since then.

Gloria asks about the 40K, if bigger tournaments should be standard. Tony says they need more big tournaments, that’s what people want to play and that’s where they will get good TV. He talks about the pros and what they want to play, which is much higher, stating that everyone’s got the right to play but pros don’t want to play $1,000 and $1,500 buy-ins.

They talk a bit about the division between online and live players.

The subject of PokerNews partnering with Bluff to carry the WSOP news is next. Tony said they originally weren’t going to do it and then decided to it at the last minute, that carrying live reporting is extremely expensive and he hopes it gets better in the future and hopes it does good for poker.

Tony says he’s going to be in Vegas for the duration and possibly go to the mountains or somewhere and get out of the heat.

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