$5,000 deuce to seven triple draw – End of level 3

For a pro poker player, these tournaments are just the nuts. You just gotta love it. We are at the end of level three 200/400 with a 100 ante. With Phil Hellmuth, and Greg Raymer at my table, I can confidently say I managed to outplayed them – at least for one hour, and fifteen minutes. That is fantastic, I feel great. I have over 30,000 in chips, which is above average right now in the tournament. You must remember that many people put a lot of money in here with $5,000 rebuys, and double add ons. So, I have a really good chance now with about 50 players left, 65 started. This is the most players they have ever had for this event. Its gonna be about 1.5 million in prize money. I feel really good. I feel that Phil Hellmuth is pretty weak in this game, though I do respect him a lot. Greg plays great. I called him down with a King high in one pot…that was pretty amazing. Also folded a key hand to him. I played pretty well that level. A couple more levels like that, and the final table can be very likely.

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