$5,000 No Limit – I’m out

After the dinner break, things were just disasterous. I raised a couple hands, and a couple short stacks re-raised me, one had Aces, one had AK, and I had to double them both up.

I raised with A 10, and got re-raised, and I lost a race against two deuces, and I’m out. I just missed the money again. The dinner break keeps hurting me, but what can you do.

I feel I need a break – I’ve had enough. Maybe I’ll play online tonight. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but at the moment the grind is taking its toll. I had a great chance, I had a massive amount of chips a couple times. I lost two separate hands with AQ against KJ, and a few races I lost. I never could get going above the 30,000 mark.

I had a big opportunity,. You need to get real lucky consistently against all these players. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, most likely I’ll just play online for a while.

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