$5,000 Omaha 8 or Better WSOP

My best start ever. Unbelievable today, playing my favorite game, or at least my favorite game when I am sick of hold em.

263 players put the money up to play today. Amir Vahedi, and Chau Giang are at my table, and it’s a nice table. Amir is playing pretty loose, and we have a couple Europeans players, and there is a lot of value. Also we have a woman at the table, which always makes the day much more interesting and entertaining.

Within the first two levels, I doubled up in a limit tournament. I finished the first two levels, and I could have had more. Now, imagine this – an hour later, I was at 20,000. In a limit tournament playing a split pot game. Wow.

So, I have 20,000 in chips, we started with 5,000. It’s a total miracle in a limit, split pot event. I must be near the chip lead at this point. If I can keep this momentum going, this will be a great day for me.

I played this game a lot in Europe, back when I was grinding it out at 400/800. It’s a fun game to go back to. I don’t have to play the cash games anymore, so I don’t worry about it too much.

I think I have enough skill to be a dangerous player in this one. Its important to get through to the dinner break. It’s a lot of fun.

Everyone remember to watch CBS Saturday at 5pm Eastern. I go a bit crazy, and it will be fun to watch.

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