$5,000 Omaha hi-lo – close to the money

We’re to the next break, and not many things have happened. The highlight of the day so far is I knocked Huck Seed out. He’s been playing well, but he’s tightened up a lot. I don’t know if that is good, or bad but he tried to make a move on me, and it didn’t work out for him.

Right now, I am double the average stack, about 35,000 in chips. I have Joe Hachem on my table, which is fun – he’s a great player. He’s just come on to the table, and has about ½ my stack.

Amir Vahedi is dominating my table, even though I have been winning chips off him all day. I think he’s pretty weak at Omaha hi-lo. He’s very aggressive, raising all the time, and I guess that strategy makes money for people. You don’t have to be the best, but if you are the aggressor, you tend to do better. You can do better in the long run, but sometimes you can look like a fool also. So, Amir has been beating the table, and I have been beating him. My table is going to break soon.

We’re close to the money, and its nearly midnight here in Vegas. There is still a lot of play left. I hope to have a good swing, and make it to day 2. I haven’t made it to a day two yet in this WSOP, and it would be a good feeling if I could do it this time. We are playing down to 27 today, and will finish tomorrow.

I’ve made a lot of money playing this game in the cash games in this game all around Europe. In my last trip to Australia, I won playing 400/800 Omaha hi-lo every day in a row for nearly a month.

However, many people think I am a bad player at this game. I have a lot of sidebets with players like Gavin Smith, and Max Pescatori. Gavin is still in, but Max is out, and I just collected. Anyone that wants a side bet from me, come up to me, and I will take you on. I’ll update at the end of the night.

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