$5,000 Omaha Hi-lo – I’m out

We hit a wall in the Omaha hi-lo today. Unbelievable, I was the favorite in so many multi-way pots, including the last one.

We get down to four tables, and I get on a table with Phil Ivey, Gavin Smith, Sam Farha – it was a fun table. This is what the WSOP is all about, and you have to take some hands in.

The last hand I picked up A J J 10, there were five limpers ahead of me, and I had a great chance to win. It was difficult for me to get away from that hand – I figured my jacks were out front, until Gavin Smith made two pairs on me. I would have had 40,000 chips if I win that pot, which would have been average in chips, but I couldn’t catch the break. I was about 50/50 to hit it on the river.

It’s just really frustrating to play until 2:30 in the morning, and miss the money. I don’t care about the money, but its just disappointing. You need to work really hard, and sometimes its still not enough. I will be back in action tomorrow, with the $2,500 No Limit, and will take my game up again.

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