Tony with Gloria Balding as he talks about losing an 80K hand in the 50K HORSE event. He says it’s been a battle, he lost and then battled back to about 500K and then down to 400K. He says even though it’s grueling, he’s kind of enjoying it. He says he probably makes a few more mistakes than some of the others but a lot of it is luck, whoever has a good run will win.

He says he’s only focusing on the people at his table and not looking around to see who’s ahead in chips at other tables and he’ll have to gamble a bit and get some luck.

Tony mentions that he and Freddy Deeb had a problem yesterday and then Tony had four 8s against Scotty Nguyen and things happen at the table, people have emotions. He says it’s very frustrating.

He says even if he gets down to about 60 or 80K in chips he still has a chance since it’s limit. He will have to take a few more risks with his stack size.

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