All over for the HORSE! What a great table!

All over for the H-O-R-S-E and what a table I had. I had Greg Raymer in seat one, I had seat three, I had Carlos Mortensen, and also Phil Hellmuth right on my left, in seat four; so three world champions at the same table and it was a fascinating table to play on.

Coming in with a low stack… a few of the players had a lot – Eli Elezra had about 560,000, he was in seat eight so that was a bit tricky and I was trying to pick on him when he was not attacking and raising with a hand. Unfortunately I got involved in one very big hand, I made of flush on 5th street in regular stud hi. I had five diamonds, three diamonds open and it was a massive pot. Greg Raymer had Aces and Queens on 5th street, it was raised, reraised, I capped it, 60,000 went in on 5th street.

Unfortunately on 6th street, Raymer caught open queens and my pot was over. I wanted to fold but the pot was over 100,000 so I had to call 10 more thousand; Phil Hellmuth was still calling which was pretty bad play. He was calling behind me with three deuces but obviously he couldn’t beat Greg’s hand unless he hit a deuce. I had a made hand so I could beat two pair, I could beat a set, and I could beat a straight – because Raymer had a straight open but anyway that hand was a critical hand of the tournament.

But anyway it didn’t go my way, I’m fine, I felt I played pretty well, I really enjoyed myself, it’s such a great experience for me to play this $50,000 event. To play with Doyle for a whole day and to play with all these great players that are thinking all the time and the game is just in a different level than a normal game. This is what poker is all about for me, playing these type of events with great players, big buy-in is, big prize money, and it’s very prestigious so I’m very happy.

And now come 5 p.m. I’ll play the Omaha high low, $1500 buy in *laughs* it’s a bit of a joke but you’ve got to start again. Pick yourself up off the floor and go for it. There’s still a few good tournaments that I’m looking for, the 10k Omaha hi pot limit, the Main event, the deuce to seven triple draw with rebuys – limit, and deuce to seven triple draw no limit

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