$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 8

End of Level 8 and I managed to get rid of Erik Seidel at the end. There’s 13 players left. I managed to build up to 71, 000. I had a solid level. There wasn’t anything big, just winning a few pots here and there. Stealing a couple of pots, not really having many showdowns. Playing 1500/3000 with a 500 ante. We should start seeing some people dropping out. We’re going to play one more level tonight. Hopefully we’ll get down to the final seven tonight. It’d be much better to come back tomorrow in the money, than not. They’re paying the top 7, first place is $365,000 and seventh is $30,000. I’m playing really well and it’s amazing. This is the first time I’m ever playing this game, in my life. Kind of learned it through the day and I’m just plugging away. I’m confident.

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