7 card Stud Hi-Lo $1500 Buy inn

Well when you are running bad you also play bad, and I did that today in a big way. I dont play this game well anyhow but today I was inpatient and wanted to win too early. Lasted 2 rounds and was in a decent position with 3600 just on level 3 but then manged to lose all my chips in 20 minutes playing 150-300.

Late I played a satelite and had sseveral intersting hands with T.J Cloutier he called me with 78 when I made a big move I couldnt work it out as he must have known that at best he is 40-60% sure enough he won the pot I got him back later as my Q2 beat his Q7 when I made another move on my big blind, I started to enjoy the game but right now things are not running well and I busted out with 12 players remaining.

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