7 Card Stud – I’m out.

I played all day, until midnight, and I took some pots off Sklansky after the last break that I updated. Just couldn’t get it going all day. I was at a table with David Williams – we had such a good time, he is such a fun guy.

One critical hand that I had was that I had rolled up fives, against a pair of Kings with a five. So it was 5 5 5 K, against K K 5 3. Massive pot, but the donkey caught a King at the end, and that put me back down to three thousand.

On the next hand, I brought it in with the 2 of clubs, and had 2 3 4 of clubs. There were four Kings out as well as the an Ace open. So, I felt very live with my 2 3 4 of clubs. Got my fourth club on 4th street, but I couldn’t catch the last club. David Williams had Aces, and I was out. I would have been back up to average chips, but what can you do except move on to the next event. I am looking forward to today’s event, $5,000 buy in Omaha Hi/Lo.

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