$7500 Midnight Prop Bet

Tony got a late night phone call from David Saab. Tony’s outside in the cold, in the middle of the night, with a professional basketball player (who stresses that he’s a FORMER Basketball Player) named Nick. Tony thinks he’s going to win, he’s running forward, his opponent is running backwards, for 200 meters with a 50 meter handicap. David Saab starts spelling out the money conditions involved in the prop bet, Mark Vos is in the background, Gloria Balding looks exceptionally charming in her Austrian attire, Jeffrey Haas is officiating as the referee, and Nick says he’s just a horse in the race and has been nominated by Saab (if he pulls this off, he’s about to become $2,500 richer).

Tony says a few words before it starts, Mark Vos is in with him on a side bet, “I think I’m going to win!”

The countdown starts.

They are off, Tony’s running, Nick is too…backwards.

Moments later Gloria stands with Nick and Tony and tells Tony that he got spanked by Nick. Tony says he’s a loser. They all shake hands with good cheer and laughter. The PokerNews Cup main event is about to wrap, and they head inside.

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