A Candid conversation with Tony’s Friends

CAPTION: Who knows Tony G better than his friends? We asked a few of them what they thought about the man behind the name…

Eddy Scharf: “Tony as a player…as a person, are two different people…”

Jesse May: “Phil Hellmuth says it best…”

The Devil Fish: “He’s a great guy…I like the guy a lot…”

There are flashes between Eddy, Jesse, and the Devil fish as they continue their picture of Tony, what he represents, his playing ability, his style of play, and his generosity in donating part/or all of tournament winnings to different charities.

CAPTION: Let’s hear from the man himself…Tony on Tony

Tony G: “I’m an aggressive loose player that has a lot of fun.” Tony gives us a little peek inside his heart and head by stating that he makes mistakes, he wants to learn, and he tries continually to improve.

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