A quick Main Event update

I made it through day 1A of the main event. It started with 1,116 players and there are around 800 players left. I have a little over 42k in chips and I’m somewhere a little bit above the middle of the pack. I find friends everywhere:
. The gorilla wouldn’t leave me alone unless I had my picture taken with him. . I’ll be back with an update soon. . P.S. I feel that I must add to my post since I am not happy with the way Harrahs is handling the main event with four levels on one day and a three day break before we play again, it is a waste of the player’s time. It’s hard on the better players and the business people and a 90 minute dinner break makes it all come together like an insult from Harrahs. It’s time for Harrahs to realize that if they continue to be unfair with their tournament policies and don’t consider the players in matters, the players will bite back. . I want to also add that I started the tournament in great shape early on and then got moved to a table composed of rocks and few very good internet players. My stack dwindled as I sat through getting no cards at all and it was the worst day 1 main event table I have ever had. As the day played out, I am happy with what I have and I look forward to day 2.

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