A Quiet Time

I’ve spent the last 22 days in Thailand. Sometimes it’s just time to stop and take a break from everything in life that manages to overrun your ability to take the moment and think of planning for yourself. I have put up a video about health and working out in my blog before – the video is more on a humorous note but the rest of the content is addressing a serious issue we all face – but to really take the time away from the stress of life and take care of myself has been very difficult. I’m always traveling and tending to business. This time I stepped completely away from poker and have been relaxing with my family and caring for myself.

I have been taking Yoga from a trainer in a class and have been meat and alcohol free. I am in Koh Samui and have been going to the beach and putting everything that normally takes up most of my day out of the picture. Yoga is a great physical and mental training plan.

I have been playing a lot of pool online at poolstars.com. It’s fun and very entertaining. Instead of looking for a bike now I sometimes look for a pool cue.

I am leaving Thailand soon and going to Singapore on my way to Australia for the Aussie Millions. I plan on playing a lot of poker while I’m there and looking for high stakes games like the 100K. If I don’t feel like playing, I won’t but I am ready to play now, especially after the time away. I believe I am going to do well in the main event of the Aussie Millions and if you want to take a piece of me you still can, there are only three pieces left.

My next report will be from Australia.

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