A walk through the Rio – WSOP

Take a walk with me through a tour of what’s behind the poker scene at the WSOP.

*Passerby, “He’s going to take all your chips!”*

There’s a man, he knows what I’m going to do. So day two, another day two for me. I don’t miss a day two, this time the 5K Omaha hi/lo. So let’s just pretend you are with me and see what you’re thinking today. What would your feeling be – what would you have to do to make it further?

This is the floor, you’re not allowed inside; this is the World Series of poker. It’s all there, it’s massive, there are so many people here it’s sick. It’s a quarter to three now and my tournament starts at three o’clock and I have got to play well. So with the frame of mind coming in today, I’ve got an average stack; about half the field is gone, I’ve got about 17,300 in chips; we started with 10,000. I’m feeling pretty good and the key for me is not to make any mistakes. You can’t control the cards in limit Omaha high low. You’ve got to play well, pick your spots, pick your position, pick your players, and just take everything into consideration. And play a good game. That’s all you have to do in Omaha high low. I’ve been very successful in this game. I’ve been playing this game for many, many years in different places like Russia, in Austria, Vienna. My limits about 400-€800 – $500,000.

I have been playing a bit on FullTilt as well, the $1,000-2,000 game, my nick there is TonyG so it’s easy to find me. It’s not a good game though, there’s no value, so why would you play? You’ve got to look for games and you’ve got to look for value. The WSOP? There’s no value, the players are good. So we play the WSOP as a hobby. If you want to make money, you can’t make money in the WSOP playing tournaments. The $1,500 might have a bit of value, the 15,000 no limit tournaments has a bit of value. It’s a different thing. But in these limit events you have about 80% of the field who play pretty good, 20% who play really, really good, and 20% that play really, really bad. It just doesn’t add up, and that doesn’t add up – that’s 120% so there you go.

Today, day 2, I’ve got to play well. Let’s have a little walk through the Rio so you can see what’s going on here.


If you wanted to pig out, there’s a tuck shop – that’s what we call them in Australia but it’s not a tuck shop in America – it’s called the Poker Kitchen. There it is, let’s have a little look at the poker kitchen.

If you need a quick drink, these boys here to give you a beer, vodka, they’ve got wine, anything you want. Victor there… Victor gives you anything you want quickly, so if you are feeling a bit of pressure, a bit tense, if you come down to the World Series, come and see Victor. He’ll give you a shot and sort you right out so you’ll be playing good again. That’s what I’m going to do

*walking thru the Kitchen*

This is the tuck shop, while in Australia we call it a tuck shop… not sure… Poker Kitchen. They say the salads are very good now, and you can see what they cost, sandwiches, wraps, $6 a pop, a bag of chips… I’m off all of this stuff now. I don’t need this stuff anymore. I’ve been going to the gym every day. Can you believe it? I’m trying to be healthy.

Cans of Coke; all a $1.50, red bull $4.00, chocolate bars – they’re all a $1.50. That’s probably one of the reasons that it’s pretty quiet and empty here; the prices are a bit on the high side right now.

*walks out of Kitchen*

Here’s the money. It’s fake though. A few people, if they get drunk enough though, try to go for that.

Okay, so if you ever make it today two, focus, don’t think about what will happen, what you want to happen, just play every hand on its merits; play well and try to go further. Omaha high low is a very strategic game, we have to look for opportunities and that’s what we’re going to do today. I’m checking out so be back tomorrow with the results of Omaha high low and I won’t be playing any events now until my next event which is the 50 K. H-O-R-S-E, which I’m really looking forward to. And the vacuum cleaners are out, the Hoover’s out and they’re sucking up all of the chips.

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