Aggressive start.

So we’re through for the first hour it’s still in play, I thought I’d get up from the table and think about what’s happening even though the blinds are going around, we’re playing 25-50, with a 10,000 starting stack, it’s 2 hour levels today. We’re gonna play 7 levels today and I went off to a really aggressive start, I was raising every single pot for the first hour. Got up to 15,000 at one stage and picked up 10 J suited, and if I decided to call a re-raise on the flop. The flop was A, Q, J, I bet 300 and got raised 400, I called. Unfortunately the other player had 10, K, and that was a bit of a problem for me because he had the nuts on the flop. So the turn came up a J, so I had 3 jacks and I needed a J or a 10 on the river. On the turn he bet 1,000 and I raised 2,000 and he just called, thank god for that. Thankfully he didn’t take control of the pot so I could minimize my losses. On the river came a 6, a blank which I was happy with and I quickly bet 2,000. The thing is, you save money when you bet quickly and he just called me he didn’t raise, and I got away with it. I only got clipped for 4,700 on the pot so I was back down with what I started with. Right now I’ve got 10,500 and I’m gonna slow down a bit and just see if I can pick up some big hands.

I had pocket Q’s on the big blind, there was a raise and four callers and I just called, and won a pretty good pot as well. Sometimes I like to deceive my hands so there can be many ways. When you have queens and there’s been a raise and several calls you can just call and see if you hit a set though, anything, but the board was like 6-6-3, 8-2….and someone had pocket 9’s so I got paid out pretty good. I am going to tighten up now and go into another gear since I showed everybody I could raise every pot for an hour. I am 500 in front so i’m pretty happy and that’s a pretty good start. I have my table’s image like I want it, I’ve got a good table not a lot of big names there, that I know of. So, I’m pumped up…it’s gonna be a long day though.

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