Amazing run in High stakes TV games

I am still in London and have played for the last three days with the top guys. Monday I Played with Brian Townsend (sbrugby), Jamie Gold, Robert Williamson, Roland De Wolfe and others. This is Poker Den 2. In the first episode I crushed Hellmuth and he was not back for any more beating this time. This was a tough line up and the blinds were only 25-50. I ended up winning 75k in this game, pretty sick for the size of the game. Jamie Gold gave me some easy money, but he was unlucky in one pot as he rivered a flush but I made a bigger one and it all went in. So a big day at the office.

Yesterday was much more serious stakes 300-600 with 100 ante, and the line up was Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, Erik Seidel, Allen Cunningham, Jesus, and E Dog.

I started off real bad and was stuck 100k in the first two hours but I was able to play really well and lose a minimum with trips twice. Once to Jesus, which is easy because he is so tight, and once to E Dog but without serious damage.

Then I felt that I wanted to take on Ivey. It was fun. And basically any pots that Ivey raised, I found myself in with him and enjoying it.

One key hand: I was in the small blind with 5-7 Diamonds and called when Ivey raised to 1800. The flop was 5-7-3. I check/called 5k. The turn was a J with two clubs on board. I checked, Ivey bet 14k, I moved all-in for 94k more and Ivey went into the tank and called me with 10-J. He took seven minutes to call this hand but it was a massive mistake by him and this started my day. Tony G power was on display.

I destroyed them all, Patrick and everyone, any pot, I slow played big hands and they kept betting into me. I bluffed when I missed. Things worked out and I won 300k for the day; no one else won close to that.

Today we play again with Howard Lederer jumping in for some bruising, I hope. Either way it’s fun and I am amazed that I have never, ever lost in a single day on High Stakes TV poker events; that is after 10 days of playing – not bad for a bunny like me. I do keep telling them all that I am the only amateur at the table and that if I can do this, anyone at home can do this too. Believe me, you can all play like me. You just need a big HEART. Never forget that big heart courage and commitment to the game are the keys to winning.

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